Waveney Valley Orchestral Workshops
Biennial Weekend Workshops

Our next Workshop is scheduled for Sat 27/Sun 28 October 2018 and will take place at Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston. Adults £70, school students £45. 

Saturday October 30th 2021 @ 7pm

Christ Church Eaton NR2 2AQ

Choral and Orchestral


"A life with Music"

Celebrating the long life of Peter Cooper

 A much loved and respected musician teacher and administrator, Peters legacy is wide ranging. This is reflected in a program of exquisite choral music, songs from the stage plus rousing, sometimes humorous orchestral scores, including some of Peters' own compositions and arrangements ........

Music for 2 coronations:

BRITAIN Choral dances from Gloriana

WALTON March 'Crown Imperial'

WORLD WAR 2 classics:

COATES 'Dam Busters March'

COOPER (arr) 'Over Here'


STANFORD Justorum Animae

HOWELLS A hymn for St Cecilia

From the stage:

LOEWE My Fair lady Selection

FOR Margery and the PVO:

COPPER 'Diversion'

T Orchestra will be joined in performance by former colleagues, pupils, friends and family.

ADMISSION at the door;

Adults £ 10 Children free

All proceeds will go to charity.

The Waveney Valley Orchestral Workshops (non-residential) have been held biennially since 1988. They are situated in a very pleasant area of South Norfolk and generally held over a weekend during the autumn. In 2018 the Workshop will start on a Saturday morning and conclude on the Sunday with an informal performance of the works studied (entrance to this concert is FREE).

The workshops have proved highly successful and enjoyable.  Study and rehearsal is carried out under the expert guidance of a guest conductor and a staff of around a dozen professional musicians.  The orchestral membership covers a broad range of age and musical experience and is generally a happy blend of young and old, professional and amateur.

Main works studied in the past include Beethoven Symphony No. 7, Brahms Symphony No. 1, Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 and Shostakovich Festive Overture. Individual works for string orchestra, wind, brass and percussion ensembles also feature.

The course is open to all, but Grade 6 and above sight-reading is recommended.

What participants say about the Workshops:

“Somebody said it was “brilliant” – so I applied.  At last the first day arrived…….Then we were ready to begin and here was the conductor.  What would he be like?  Would he have a good down beat – yes he did and he was more than that – really encouraging and with advice that was really helpful.”

“Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and it made a good change from school work.”

Read a report of the 2016 Workshop here.

For further information, please  email us.

Please note rehearsals have resumed and wearing of facemasks is personal choice.

Rehearsals take place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at Pulham Memorial Hall From 2-4pm. Pulham Market IP21 4SL

Registered Charity No: XT32726
Musical Director: Margery Baker

The WVOW is supported by the Pulham  Orchestra