Pulham Orchestra's
Annual Soirée July 2015

Report by Paul Chambers, Double Bass
This year we travelled to Salhouse just north of Norwich at the kind invitation of Jean and Mike Bishop. I arrived a little early to find a lovely barn-style house surrounded by beautiful lawns and gardens. Sadly however, the gardens were being vigorously watered by the forces of nature and so we all had to go inside.

There was however plenty of room, and we all enjoyed chatting to one another as people gradually arrived. We were then seated for the highlight of the occasion, which can only be described as a professional cello recital, given by Jean and Mike’s daughter, Charlotte Watson. 

The programme for this stunning recital was predominantly contemporary, and also include music by J S Bach. I have never heard such amazing string playing, and particularly enjoyed John Taverner's Threnos and the suite written by Gaspar Cassado.

I was not alone in being bowled over by Charlotte's highly accomplished playing, and there were many lovely comments made afterwards such as "what an amazing introduction to contemporary music", and "inspirational!". I must say everyone seemed totally immersed in the music despite the fact they hadn't yet eaten! 

However, as is typical of any Pulham Orchestra get-together, food was on offer, and after the recital, we all settled down to a most enjoyable banquet as the rain continued to lash against the back door overlooking the gardens.

I would like to say thanks again to Mike and Jean for hosting a most enjoyable occasion which we all enjoyed. Perhaps next year, we could try it in the summer!

Charlotte Watson (solo 'cello) played:

Nicola Lefanu

Suite for Solo Cello No 3
J S Bach  (selected movements)

John Tavener

Song for H
Peter Nichol

Other (composed for Charlotte)
Morag Gallaway

Hilary Tann

Preludio-Fantasia (intermezzo)
Gaspar Cassado