Report of Pulham Orchestra's Come and Play Day 
April 26 2015

William Mathias: Serenade for small orchestra

Elgar: Chanson de Matin and Chanson de Nuit

Sullivan: Overture to Iolanthe

William Alwyn: Suite of Scottish Dances


The Pulham Orchestra's annual Come and Play Day is a delightful opportunity to make new friends or join old friends, whilst together experiencing the challenges and pleasures of orchestral playing.

This year's play day on 26 April saw a number of players, some new and some familiar faces, gather together in the Memorial Hall Pulham Market at 9.30am. After registration, coffee and a warm welcome to new players the musicians found their seats and began to study the music for the day - an interesting repertoire chosen to suit the instrumentalists.

Margery, as always, skilfully guided the orchestra through the first tentative plays-through with her ever present encouragement, attention to detail and gentle good humour and the players' increasing confidence was evident as tricky passages were mastered. 

The three contrasting movements of the Serenade gave an opportunity for the woodwind to star, balanced by a swing from the brass section. In the lovely ebbing and flowing of the Lento the strings contrasted well with the woodwind whilst the dance style of the last movement was played with life and enthusiasm by all.

The ever-popular Elgar Chanson de Matin and Chanson de Nuit was played with enjoyment and it was interesting to play the less familiar arrangement for small orchestra. With Margery's guidance, the challenge of Iolanthe was met with enthusiasm whilst the final piece of the day, The suite of Scottish Dances had everyone's toes tapping and bows working overtime.

This proved to be another very enjoyable Play Day with a good mixture of challenge, progress and fun.

Diane Bagshaw, April 2015