Orchestral Workshop
November 2012

Review of Orchestral weekend by Paul Chambers

I recently attended a three day orchestral workshop that was extremely well organised by the Waveney Valley Orchestral Workshop, supported by the Pulham Orchestra committee. We played several excerpts from a wide selection of music ranging from Purcell through Brahms to Benjamin Britten and even a World War two medley especially written by Peter Cooper (one of our members) for the American airmen based at Watton during World War 2. 

Between the various full orchestral rehearsals were sectional rehearsals conducted by tutors in the various groups of instruments. We even had a professional Double Bass teacher as the instructor for our bass players group. He was very helpful and we concentrated on how to play the difficult bits.

It was well tailored for people of varying experience of orchestral playing. These sessions involved a certain degree of moving around the village to different venues in weather that would have made a traditional English Summer very proud (cold and wet!!)

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend as did most of the people I spoke too. It was busy and by the Monday morning, I was pleased not to have carry my double bass about. The organisation of the weekend was excellent and I suspect quite a challenge for those involved. 

The weekend was finished off superbly with a concert held in Pulham Church where the works that we had studied were played. I felt that we played well given the short rehearsal time that we had had which I was pleased about.

We all want concerts to go well but I’ll tell you a secret – really we do it because WE enjoy it!. I look forward to future events both social and musical. If you see a man struggling to carry a huge bass – just spare us a thought!!

Paul Chambers.

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