Come and Play Day 2013 

Saturday October 30th 2021 @ 7pm

Christ Church Eaton NR2 2AQ

Choral and Orchestral


"A life with Music"

Celebrating the long life of Peter Cooper

 A much loved and respected musician teacher and administrator, Peters legacy is wide ranging. This is reflected in a program of exquisite choral music, songs from the stage plus rousing, sometimes humorous orchestral scores, including some of Peters' own compositions and arrangements ........

Music for 2 coronations:

BRITAIN Choral dances from Gloriana

WALTON March 'Crown Imperial'

WORLD WAR 2 classics:

COATES 'Dam Busters March'

COOPER (arr) 'Over Here'


STANFORD Justorum Animae

HOWELLS A hymn for St Cecilia

From the stage:

LOEWE My Fair lady Selection

FOR Margery and the PVO:

COPPER 'Diversion'

T Orchestra will be joined in performance by former colleagues, pupils, friends and family.

ADMISSION at the door;

Adults £ 10 Children free

All proceeds will go to charity.

We held our Come and Play day on March 17th at Pulham Memorial Hall.

Upon arrival, I was just about able to unload all the gear that one needs as a bass player before the whole place was inundated with excited musicians from all over Norfolk and Suffolk. The place was like a crowded vibrant middle eastern marketplace until order was restored by our conductor. Our conductor was Mr John Barnett who has conducted us many times before. With a program as diverse as Mendelssohn and Brahms to Stravinsky, there was something in the choice of music for everyone's taste. 

Our conductor in my view was excellent. In spite of him only having a piano score to read from, he really got the best out of us. so we did work hard during the playing sessions.

As usual, we enjoyed coffee breaks, lunch and tea breaks together throughout the day and I for one had a thoroughly busy but satisfying day.

It was pleasing to meet people who had attended the Weekend Workshop last year and come back to play with us again. A double bass section of three is unusual anywhere. I play at other orchestras in Norfolk but none have three bass players. 

We were a little light on cellos but were well represented in wind and brass sections.

One of the highlights of the day was the arrival of two delightful young singers in the afternoon who sang the duet from Bizet's Pearl Fishers. One of the singers was also a violinist and happily joined in for the rehearsal of the Mendelssohn Italian symphony.

I would personally like to thank those who organised this day as the refreshments, conductor, music and venue do not just turn up out the blue.

So all in all, an excellent day thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Paul Chambers

Please note rehearsals have resumed and wearing of facemasks is personal choice.

Rehearsals take place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at Pulham Memorial Hall From 2-4pm. Pulham Market IP21 4SL